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Giving Tuesday
November 28, 2023

Every year on the

Tuesday after Thanksgiving, 

millions of people around the world

gather to celebrate generosity

by giving back to their communities.

Wish List for Caught Up Mentoring Organization

Lease Payment: Our top priority is to pay for our current lease. Unfortunately, the expected grants haven't come in this year as we had hoped. Ensuring that we can cover our lease is crucial to maintaining a safe space for our kids to gather and thrive.

Purchase a Second Caught Up Van: Transportation is a vital component of our organization. We need to purchase a second Caught Up van to ensure that we have reliable transportation for our young people to come to our center. This will help us continue providing transportation to and from the Caught Up center for the majority of our mentees.

Pay Mentors: While volunteers play a significant role in our organization, having dedicated and consistent mentors is essential. We need to hire mentors and provide them with stipends to ensure they can fully commit to checking on the kids, cooking, and managing the Caught Up center. This will help maintain the quality of our mentoring programs and the support we offer to our mentees.

By addressing these three key needs, we can strengthen the foundation of Caught Up Mentoring Organization and better serve the youth in our community. Your support in fulfilling these wishes will make a significant difference in the lives of the young people we aim to empower and mentor.

Our Goal is to raise 25k!

Help keep Caught Up going strong! 

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