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Our Team

Toson Knight
Founder & President

Toson Knight is a Detroit-bred champion tackling the moral, academic, and intellectual growth in Detroit’s young people. Mr. Knight is President and founder of Caught Up mentoring program. Toson has worked tirelessly in each of his roles to create a safe community, establish positive relationships,  and develop a process of ongoing support for youth. His enthusiasm and depth of knowledge regarding young people make him a rarity in the city of Detroit. Toson demonstrates leadership and commitment through his unique ability to think outside the box and willingness to take risks to produce the best nurturing environment for young men in our community. Mr. Knight is helping bridge the gap between the at-risk youth population and positive community members by using an innovative approach to cultivate and maintain relationships with students in Detroit. Saturday Night Live, Project Re-entry and Project Empower are all initiatives spearheaded by Toson in an effort to empower youth to overcome obstacles, network, and cultivate individual talent.


Mr. Knight has been celebrated for several achievements, including being featured in B.L.A.C. magazine, recognized by Operation Reach back for reaching back and helping others. He received the alumni of the year award from Oakwood University because of his effort in getting young black males to college.  Mr. Knight has received the Vanguard young professional ward and the community service award from Spectrum human services. Most recently Mr. Knight was selected as a Michigan Chronicle 40 under 40 honoree.


Mr. Knight is a product of several Public Schools. He received a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Oakwood University and a Masters Educational Leadership from the University of Michigan. He  served as a  Deputy Manager for District 4 for the Mayor’s Office, where he was responsible for working with community organizations, businesses, and religious groups on fighting blight, lowering crime, and handling citizen complaints. Mr. Knight served as Dean of East English Village and Western High school for several years where he lead several initiatives to turnaround the culture. He is now the Division Director for Prevention and Diversion at Wayne County.

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