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Remembering Carvell 

Carvell K. Goodlow

(August 15, 1998 - September 16, 2018)


Carvell was a vibrant, intelligent young man with a positive attitude and full of life. Despite the many adversities and challenges against him, Carvell worked hard to not let his circumstances define his future. Carvell got involved with Caught Up and built a bond with his mentor, Toson Knight, and his peers in the program. Together they grew and formed a close brotherhood and motivated one another to overcome challenges. He was part of Caught Up’s Saturday night live program, which consisted of bible study, life skills, and basketball. He was accepted into several colleges but chose Oakwood University in Huntsville Alabama because of his love for Christ. While at Oakwood Carvell got involved in ministry and shared his story to motivate and inspire encourage others in their quest for knowledge.

It is with sadness that Carvell’s life has ended so soon.


You weren’t only a close friend of mine, you were my brother, we always had each other back. When I ate you ate, when I had money you had money, when you hurt I hurt, and now I’m just left hurt. I love you brother. Rest In Peace.

- Edmen Stewart

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