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Project Empower

Welcome to Project Empower, a cornerstone mentoring program offered by Caught Up. Designed to nurture and guide youth towards success, Project Empower operates every Monday through Wednesday, providing a comprehensive array of services and activities.

At Project Empower, we focus on holistic development, offering tutoring sessions to enhance academic skills alongside life skills workshops to empower our participants for the future.

In addition to educational support, our program includes enriching activities that cater to diverse interests. Youth can enjoy access to basketball courts, gaming rooms, relaxation areas, a movie theater, and fully equipped classrooms.

We understand the importance of nourishment for both the mind and body, which is why we provide wholesome meals to all participants, ensuring they have the energy to engage fully in our program.

Through Project Empower, youth have the opportunity to not only enhance their academic abilities but also explore their interests, build meaningful relationships, and discover new passions. Join us in creating a brighter future for our youth.

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