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Robert Merriweather

All my life growing up in Detroit,

I knew I wasn’t like my peers.

There were things that I wanted to achieve that seemed unrealistic to others,

and it started to seem unrealistic to me.


That’s why I love Caught Up.

Caught up has introduced me to a whole different lifestyle, which I wasn’t accustomed to, and now all the things that seem as if it was impossible,

I’m actually doing. Caught Up has put me around a group of young black men that want the same things in life as me.

Caught Up has put me in a position to succeed and have a college education.

Every day I think about all the situations I could be in, and how many people that I grew up with that aren't here anymore or are just living a totally different lifestyle.

I want to thank Mr. Knight, the Caught Up donors, all that support Caught Up,

but most of all thank GOD.

I’m happy to say I’m apart of Caught Up,

and thanks to Caught Up I AM Caught Up.

Harley James 

Caught Up has exposed me to

a wide range of opportunities like college,

which was something I never thought I would have the opportunity to do.

Caught Up has also changed the way I think, now I make better choices that benefit my health and future. 

Antoine Harris

Caught up is a great program that goes around the City of Detroit and helping kids, teaching them lots of things about life. Caught up is a brotherhood, caught up helps lots of kids stay out of trouble and help us with our problems.


During our time with Caught Up, we learned to stick together. Caught up does lots of activities, such as go out of town, go to church and not just that we have fun we treat each other like family, all of us caught up brothers have a great bond.


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