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Caught Up Mentees attend Oakwood Live!

Eleven Caught Up Mentees were able to attend Oakwood Live in Huntsville, Alabama. For Four days, the Mentees had the opportunity to visit some college classes to gain knowledge about their various specific programs of interest, live in the dorm and eat in the cafeteria. The Mentees attended several sessions that discussed the school and its culture. They were availed with the opportunity to address questions with the University President, Dean of Students, and Vice President of Academic Affairs. One of the Oakwood professors invited the Caught Up Mentees over for dinner after attending church. They were able to have a meaningful conversation with him, and ask questions about the Oakwood University.

Here is what some of our mentees had to say:

What I liked about Oakwood is that you are family to everybody. Countless times different people told me that at Oakwood you are family instead of just a number at any other university. I also like there Nursing Program, and that is what I would like to study at Oakwood. The Mock Classes inspired me more about being a Nursing Major. Plenty of Oakwood staff and upperclassmen told me to participate in extracurricular activities and just get involved. I plan to attend Oakwood University next Fall because it felt like home, I want to attend a University that treats me as family and Oakwood is the place. #GOAMBASSADORS ~Jaylin

Oakwood live experience was enriching and exposed me to a lot of unique people. I like the environment of the school, and laidback feel it has to it. Oakwood has some of the nicest people I’ve ever met, and the professors and upperclassmen are accommodating. They treat you like family instead of just any random person. I’m strongly considering going to Oakwood after this experience. ~Saveion

I loved the Oakwood Live trip. The trip was an amazing experience. I thought it was going to be boring honestly, but I was wrong. I love how Oakwood is a HBCU and the diversity of the students. I plan to attend Oakwood in the fall of 2018. ~Davonta

My trip to Oakwood University was excellent. We had too much fun, not only did we enjoy the trip, we met many influential people. And even though I didn’t know them personally, they felt like family. At Oakwood live they helped me discover what I wanted to do in life. Also, my mentor on the trip was great. He treated me like I was his younger brother. The church service was amazing. I thank Mr. Knight for helping me discover a college I would love to attend. Looking forward to Oakwood University in fall. ~Robert

I enjoyed Oakwood Live from the church programs, dorms, to the classrooms and people. I met some wonderful individuals who have beautiful hearts. I was so impressed by the way everyone treated you especially the Deans and the professors. Oakwood current students were also helpful, and it was cool attending the activities with them. I plan to attend Oakwood next year. ~Gianni



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